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It is possible to go two routes to get your presence on the internet through our service. 
Route 1: 
This page will help you with the most simple and most economical way by becoming part of Group Clear-Info.com
Group Clear-Info.com is a number of small independent entrepreneurs who support one another's  promotional efforts and share the internet overhead. 
This method is a perfect way, for example, for artists to have their work exhibited with a contact address, phone number, email etc.. You could use it as an online art portfolio, whether with photographs or art reproductions,  poems or your literary creative products. Models could use it to have their portfolio on the net without great cost. You can use it to support your brick and mortarsmall business enterprise. There are many small operations who could use this option to promote themselves and pull in customers from a wider circle.  If you want a independent webside than:
Route 2:
We advice you to use one of the oldest and best hosting companies on the net 
we will still be able to do web design regular updates and any maintenance your site needs.
Go Here When You Want a Full Fledged Commercial Web Site.
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