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In April 1999 Paul and his older son Alex started to work on the web site which they had reserved the name We-Solve for. When everything was ready to go on the net, in August that year, the reserved name was for some snafu at Interring not available anymore. Some quick decision had to be made and some inspiration to be tapped into: the name Clear-Info was the result. When Paul told Alex both decided that the new name was better than the original, because in the time they had been working on the site the concept had developed and some good ideas had entered into the process. Many of these ideas are still latent and not all yet applied. A lot has to do with the funding. A conservative approach has helped to keep clear-info alive during the hart time of the dot-com collapse.
The Sponsor and Advertising program is going about to look like you see on this sample page.
One Sponsor and one other advertiser p/pg.
Sponsor of a page    =  $25 p/m or $300 p/yr.
This includes an add such as at the top of this column, which we, if desired, can make for you, the descriptive text in the box beneath it, you need to supply, and text box indicating your company as Sponsor of the page. Photo may be included. 

Only one add on the the Page = $17 p/m or $200 p/yr

Sponsoring a Section such as "Aviation" depending on the number of pages: p/pg, $500. p/yr.