's Mimosa Models offers the unique opportunity to selected models and aspiring models in the New York City area to be associated with our World Wide Web promoted Modeling Agency. There are several clear advantages to this approach of the modeling business. To mention some: obvious the wide reach to a World market however without the cost of publicity to the model who does not necessarily need to buy op front and send pictures to client who have no need for them in the first place. For's photographer it is also quit easy to produce a digital on line portfolio. A carry around portfolio can be quickly build up from the jobs the model has worked and test shoots she constantly should try to do for the purpose of getting experience, contacts and collecting great photographs for her portfolio and if we are talking about you, Your Portfolio!  >   Like any legitimate model agency Mimosa Models will only charge the client an additional 10%  for our service. You can be paid directly by the client. Mimosa Models willcreate an digital portfolio for you with no cost to you. This can be from existing photographs or from a shoot with our experienced photographer Paul Olivier.Most of the pictures on this site are taken by him. 
Mimosa Models will help along the way  to become a successful model for fashion or print or if you have the personality for it, as a spokes person in commercials or video productions and who knows what there is out there. Modeling looks easy, however it is requiring a lot of good characteristics: you need to be able to give, to be understanding, exiting, creative and cooperative. You need to be flexible, healthy, organized, good humored, a team player and always challenging your own limitations, not of your co-workers.
Sometimes it is hot at the studio, sometimes you need to work on location and it is cold; you have seen those girls in the snow, smiling bright and only lightly dressed. It is all about the result, the image. And you are part of the team that needs to reach the goal of picturizing the intended concept. You are the paint of the artist. And the artist loves to use your color. Yes, I know, you are a living being; its just a metaphor! It is to clarify your position, your roll, so you can become a successful model, one the photographers love to work with! Yes, you have to have your looks too. And you are special, with
your special qualities, not always that what is needed to accomplish what is required. So you need to be able to deal with the, never personally intended, rejection. you need to be the right paint for the particular painting. The experienced models know these things and more. This is what I mend before when I wrote "you have to be giving". Now you know a kind of, what it takes to be a successful model. You think you can do it? Of cause you think you can do! So when do we start? Lets get your Web Portfolio together and see what happens! It does not cost you more than when you get your hare done for a party! If you can do that yourself, that is fine to. You can borrow some nice outfits for the photo shoot with your credit card. Let me know when you are ready!
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