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Clear-info.com'shas recently undergone a change in editorial influence. For years, Paul has held the fort here and brought you vast links to many sites around the world. He has also tirelessly written editorials that reflect a sense of responsibility, purpose, and love for life, liberty, and humanity. I plan to follow in his footsteps and bring even more forceful opinions. If you have noticed a marked change in the quality of the grammar of the editorials, thatís because of me.

Our philosophy, guiding the service we aim to supply, is to center our attention on the most important, valuable, useful, interesting, aspects of  life.  This is reflected in our choice of site categories. The two most simple to recognize aspects of live are Mind and Body. Thus there are sections for religion and world views, philosophy, education, reference and Art. The more physical aspects of life are represented in sections on Business and Finance, Politics, Computer & Internet, Fashion,  Government, Health and Fitness, Sports, Media, Reference, Science, Technology, Travel & Leisure (hotels, cruses, airlines, safaris), Universities. There are also sections for Kids, Juniors (music, tango, samba), Teengirl, Women and many other main and sub categories. These can be accessed from the home page and the Site Map. 
In case it is possible to be complete in a category, we will try to do so, as with such categories as automobile and airplane manufacturers, airlines. 
Other categories we need to aim for continued improvement, additions and updates, reaching as far as we can. 
We can no longer update the Royalty Free Photo Archive of  New York City Scenery but we will continue to provide free access to it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And thatís what Clear-Info.com is about. Being here, when you need information, on demand. Our service makes it possible to find much of what you are looking for, given the category, without the limitations characteristic to search engines, such as -- the positioning (top 10 - 30) of sites has become for sale! 

You will be able to avoid the search engine prejudice and find something actually useful and interesting. We included the search engines anyway: they bring you to a list of the sites with the most footprint on the internet. And that is not always what you want. We are convinced that we provide a excellent alternative service; therefor we invite you to make clearinfo.com your starting page. Click here for instructions on how to make clear-info.com appear when you start up your web browser. This will give you direct access without limitation. If you want more, go back to the home page for the available search engines, including some foreign. 
We are momentary working on the category "countries". As the first result "Singapore" is added and includes local search engines. This will be the standard for "Countries".

Royalty Free Photographs
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Royalty Free photography of New York City scenery by Dutch born long time photographer Paul Olivier, who loves his "New Amsterdam" as much as he loved the old Amsterdam, if not more. He has made it his home. His experience in advertising and news photography brought him eventually to photographing the continuous influx of young actors, dancers and singers, coming each season into the center of the entertainment world. So he became to photograph famous and the aspiring  performers. Clear-Info.com now has initiated to bring you his classic and new city views of the great City of New York as a visual connection from its ever changing center to the rest of the world. Since the pictures are frequently updated, you're invited to check back often!
We are available for photographic assignments
Go Here for information on Professional (only) Photographic Services.

Something about Us
When we started to realize the idea of making a web site, in April 1999, certain reasons of a personal nature were the foundation. These, however important, are not discussed here. 
   We wanted to create a service to the internet community, that was not handicapped by the normal business rule to just toot only your own horn, promote only your own great "channels". We aimed at finding recognized sites of universal value to any individual surfer, driver on this communication highway of the future which has already begun. The sense that this is the way of the future business, was not escaping us. And now that it becomes clear to anyone in business, that every business will be using this tool, like the phone has been for the last 100 some years, we knew that we needed to be there and get our feet wet. More than four years earlier, it was clear that the way of the future was the electronic highway. However financing was at that time not directly available. At the end of 1998 the business plan started to develop, including the financing. From the outset part of our plan, a simple two tier approach: attractive and functional. We are designers with multiple directions, fields of experience and expertise. An other two tier: We use our facility also for computer training for additional revenue and future employee choice. 
In November 2000 we have initiated Group Clear-Info. This is a association of small business entrepreneurs. They will promote their own enterprise and this group and thus will have benefits of each others efforts. A limited number of positions in this group is still available. We soon will offer the proposal HERE

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