i miss you
has it really been that long? cant believe it now your gone. i've waited so long to tell you how much i really cared come to think of it i was only scared. scared of loosing you to something or to someone. even times we struggled to have fun. why did it have to end this way? why couldnt you stay? i miss all the times i could of talked to you but i didnt. now i can put itis different. It will never be the same calling me names. Everytime they play your music i sing with tears in my eyes trying to forget you've died. its not easy to get over this loss and all tears is caused. I hate the fact that we cant have fun times like before. I guess when i meet up with you in heaven we'll have much more.

r.i.p grandpa

~Gloria~ 15yr
 "A real friend"
                         A real friend 
                        always there for you
                           A real friend
                          does not lie to you
                            A real friend
                              cares for you 
                            A real friend 
                        a person who you can trust
                            A real friend 
                  somebody who is always there for 
            you even when you are feeling BLUE!!!
                             and that friend is 
                                   By:Brenda Serna
  *This poem is for my friend 
         Liceth Magana*!!!! 
"if you ever need a reason" 
Through the sunshine, snow, and the rain 
Through the happiness, the good times, and the pain 
Be sure to always keep that smile on your face 
The one that can illuminate the sky on the darkest of days 
Life often makes us wonder, who we are, and what will we be? 
Sometimes the best things in life, are things you canâ€t see 
Maybe itâ€s the kindness of your deep inner soul 
It might be a special part of your heart, that you might not know 
As the sun falls, and the moon begins to shine 
You look up at the stars, and wonder which one is mine 
Yours is the brightest one, in the deep blue sky 
The one that matches that twinkle in your eye 
As you lay still and hear the waves crash against the sand 
No matter what comes about you in life always remember, "I can" 
As the dusk breaks, and the sunrises, to become dawn 
You look at your window see the prettiest flowers, and the greenest of lawns 
The sound of the birds chirping outside 
The beautiful sites, that can almost make us cry 
The sunset, the clouds, the constellations, the earth 
To find happiness there is one place to begin you search 
That is deep down inside of you, look within thy self 
Because you know you better than anyone else 
All ways think of the great things in your life 
Anything that makes you happy, and shopping is on that list, right? 
It could be a walk through the park 
Just sitting there by yourself in the dark 
A stroll down the beach, kickin around the white sand 
So many things to smile about, and make this life so very grand 
It could be watching a spectacular rainbow unfold 
Or working at a camp playing with cute 3 and 4 year olds 
The sound of music that beats from your heart 
To the brains, and knowledge that make you so smart 
There will always be, ups and downs, good, bad, and all 
Just read this, if you are ever sad, happy, or need to be caught if you might fall. . . .
Meredith Sumpf 

Left behind was the wind that took me here as I jumped off and found my own release. 
It was taken too lightly from the clouds that flew in for the seasonal changes. 
But the mountains whispered in my ear the knowledge that was needed to surrender. 
So I took and chance and swam with the sea to bring upon my new journey. 
If only I knew what the daylight had in store for me, would I have left the moon so long ago. 
But some chances can't be made until after the rain washes you away and you've learned your greatest
lessons already. 
Chances have to be made, lessons will be learned, but it all comes out in the right pattern eventually.

by Heather Polites

a friend created something beautiful 
 and it gave me inspiration
it reminded me of what i've lost 
 a normal life
 it showed me what i've gained 
it made me see things that were hidden 
it gave me something i didnt have 
it showed me where to stay 
it reminded me of something special 
it took me to a place ive never been 
  my own mind 
a friend created something beautiful 
and it gave me inspiration
by Heather Polites

Many people will walk in and out of your life. 
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. 

-Janet Wong 



Shattered Reflection: 

I wish I had a mirror, 
for memories fade away. 
to only once look back 
on yesterday's today. 

To hold it in my hand, 
to look, to see, to cry. 
To wonder who I am 
so I'd never wonder why. 

To shine it on my soul, 
and hope to see my heart. 
To hold it there forever, 
until it falls apart. 

To reflect it on the earth 
and undo all that's wrong. 
To shine it on all people 
and show them they belong. 

I must lock it in a box 
and throw away the key. 
To keep it there forever, 
for eternity. 

-Jennifer Kardos- 
As Raindrops fall: 

She twirls and spins 
under the falling rain. 
Her soul set free, 
basking for joy. 

Raindrops caress her 
with a gentle kiss. 

-Anna Weaver-
Lara Fabian-I Will Love Again
As time goes on 

I have many characteristics 
of living thing, although I am 
not living. 
Many people depend on me, 
I am in almost every school. 

I have two hands. 
Sometimes, I have a constant noise. 
I am many shapes and sizes, 
and my face is different everywhere. 

On most, I make only two noises. 
But on some, there are many sounds. 
some collect me. 
or just have me for decoration. 

Without me, the world would 
not be the same. 
Many work their schedules around me. 
I am made out of many, many things, 
and I am operated in many ways, 

You can can also wear me. 
Standing up or hanging, 
I serve my purpose. 
My main use is only on thing, 
and that one thing, is very important. 

                        -Rebecca Rose-

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