Advice on Dating.
Valuable Rules for Dating
Before we get into the actual Rules for Dating, we first have to be clear of some realities. Here we go: 
The United States has its fast number of communities. They have customs, derived from ethnic and religious sources of code of behavior. There are also not to ignore qualitative differences of cultures.
Good and Not so Good Cultures.
The word is that "we need to accept all cultures".  That is what is called political correct. Bull! This is the often made mistake: it is obvious that we don't have for example to accept headhunter culture! And they are not the only culture we don't have to accept. Some cultures are more ethical than others; it is even possible that a smaller or greater number of persons seemingly belonging to a particular culture only in part adhere to the conventions of their community. Some might want to change the rules for their own selfish purpose. This reflects on the whole of their culture. This is what the materialistic philosophy did to Soviet Russia. This is also what the Communist ideology did to the Chinese culture. We can see that also in the general American culture. You got the picture? Look around!
Confusing Ideas
That is what we have to consider when we plow thought the mountain of confusion.

This confusion is created by individuals, who intend to discrediting the ethics derived from religions. These ethics where always under attack anyway by whoever could not follow these rules. 
When you go to college you will be confronted with the philosophical battle between idealism and materialism

  The whole matter is to extensive and complicated to include here. There are many books written about the causes for moral decay in American society and the deception what is perpetrated on you. You will need to critically evaluate both world views; One direction will tell you that everything is fine, as long as you like it, because humans are only higher developed animals. The other teaches that the universe supplies you with absolute principles and moral values.

Use Good Judgment
Well, what was that all about?
You have to keep your eyes and mind open, because dating is not for fools! Dating should not be a game, with winners and losers. 

  If you are a teenager, one or two years from (legal) adulthood, your dating mistake could have grave effects on the rest of your life and that of others.

  Can You Take It?
There are two main opinions about dating by teenagers: 
One opinion is for dating and the other is for not dating, dating as it is mostly an integral part of  the US culture. It is clear that the second opinion is held by those concerned with the obvious dangers only.

 I go for: dating only under restrictive conditions. If you belong and belief in one of the four main religions, as long as you keep there conditions, you will be all right. See if the following guidelines are of additional use to you.

For those with only week links to religion, the following advises could make the difference between happiness and for no good purpose suffering your whole life,

This is for You Babe!
Condition Number 1:
      Both your parents have to agree and give permission. 
  If one disagrees, you should wait. How long? Be patient. It depends on the restrictions you need to allow, before they both can be in peace about you dating.
What if you live with a divorced parent? Then there is extra wisdom required from you; you might then already have experienced the result of a disastrous dating decision. 
  It is also possible, that because some parent are to lenient, licentious or just ignorant, even destructive, you don't get direction; then it comes down on your own wisdom, self control and intuition.
More conditions further on.
Groups or "One to One"
There is more than one kind of dating. It might be among friends, just to enjoy some event, activity; it could be to go bowling or sailing, etc. It's all depending on the "participants". This "groups" dating can be a healthy social affair, as long as no alcohol or other judgment diminishing chemicals are "consumed". 

However in principal, the "one to one" or even double dating, is to learn to know each other, with the intention to find compatibility for a lasting relation in marriage. You are not yet thinking about marriage? Well then you should maybe only involve yourselves with the groups dating because one to one should only be for serious intend.

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