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Hampshire College students have ahistory of leftist activism. They just voted against the war in Afghanistan.
They are not eternal students; they are a new generation of students. And they have been just as at other colleges always, an other "fresh young bunch of skulls full of mush", trusted to the care of those "wise" professors who have to prepare them for a good chance of appiness in life. Anybody out there, anybody, who wonders about those teachers there? Over generation they turn out activist students. Is that Hampshire College where leftist profs have gravitated to? And is that's why those parents from a leftist persuasion have a preference sending there children to that college? Have no illusions: there are teachers  like that everywhere. In any case, the  students are the victims of being   railroaded into a World view that does   not give them a chance to make  objective choices. Those students  might think it is their personal opinion;  but they are misguided and will need decades to wise-up as so many had  too before. And they will have caused  stagnation during those decades. The  kind of stagnation as we can constantly experience from Tom Daschle and the like, what has resulted in: no stimulus package; and this after three months.
Credit! The title "YOUNG SKULLS FULL OF MUSH" is naturaly revering and derived from one of the fabulus Rush Limbough expressions. It is used here as an Americanism giving honor to the greatest radio personality ever.
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  Date 01/17/2002