"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
Central Park "Wilding"
Well, here you go again! "Wilding", as we had some summers ago in the swimming pools of New York, has now returned, as a repeat show of decay of civilization. After the Portorican Day Parade some horseplay brought out a mob mentality in boys and men who had relocated themselves to the park. Police, being informed by female victims of getting their cloths pulled of their bodies and groped after being douched from water bottles.
Some of the young women have taken legal action against the city, accusing the city government to be responsible for their safety and suing for millions..

Some questions come to mind. However not the question "why are these males having no self control".
It is very clear that a large section of the young male part of the population, have no moral filter for their thoughts, words and actions. What about the question: "Would these young men have done this, if they would have attended a church service that (sunday) morning? Would they have been involved in this kind of collective, but individual, parasitic activity, if there would have been moral guidance, whether from Church, Mosque, any Temple or parents with moral character? I would say: Not! So why didn't they get any moral direction? This question is slightly more complex, but not really difficult to answer. The season is that they are not conditioned to do so. Not by parents, not by the schools and not by the Rev. Al Sharpton. Not to pass up on to kick William Jefferson Clinton and the bunch in the White house!
Social contract? Did anybody sign something?

Moral seeds have to be sown in the "sculls full of mush" (thank you Rush!); the law will do something but by itself is not enough! Remember, the improvement of the quality of life in New York  occurred not only because of Major Ruddy; it also happened because of the moral guidance of Illija Mohammed's Million Men March! And many others who have been working on smaller scale.

What are the forces that have to be overcome, to get this society back on track? (Are you surprised that this is not just an article, but that it might give some solutions to?)
Let's me paraphrase some business wisdom: family, family, family. Sexual revolution, sex openness, involving younger and younger minds, causes child-mothers and little involvement of fathers. Even if they get married, will they be able to give any moral foundation to their child? A few might learn their lesson. Most will not and repeat their action with other partners, in search of "happiness" what will never be obtained. This is a pyramid par generation widening at the bottom.
What more is taking the family down? Women who don't know how to keep their men. Some where not selective enough, some shacked up, thus without real commitment for a real family, other got impregnated while under the influence of alcohol (happens in the best families, right?) or drugs. Others were spoiled at home, impatient or expecting more than they got. Than the women libbers, who marginalize men and fathers. In so many ways: no fertile soil for a successful marriage unless with a wimp. 
There are more reasons. The multi culturalism is an other nail in the coffin of this society. The influx of more or, less than more, civilized immigrants not pressed to assimilate, because they are not required to do that in order to fit in is only partly of influence. The real problem are the groups, so called communities of African Americans, who have lost their connection to the Christian Faith and have not connected to any other faith than barbarism. This barbarism, expressed in subculture customs as it started with men with ear rings, proliferation of tattooing and than body piercing.
The Rap and Hip-Hop, baggy pants and bare upper body in public transportation are as well an expression that the follower of this "fashion" has rebellious feelings towards a civilized society. An it is all to be excused as multicultural.

It will be a hard way back up the hill the society has tumbled down from. The obstacle to overcome is that loud liberal minorities will use the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of expression and they might win in court. The transvestites have already made an even more extreme expression of society corrupting behavior legal in California. So it is going to be a hard fight to get decency back into the driver seat. And it might get worse before it gets better. The United States Supreme Court just decided that private prayer in public school is not allowed. This means that the Public School System will not of any use in bringing morality back as normal in daily life. They will keep teaching how to get out of the way of physical harm while behaving promiscuous, by training our or your children how to put a condom on a banana, that it is normal that two of the same gender to be a couple and an unborn baby is a fetus and not a human being. The conclusion is that the public school system has to be dismantled, school by school, student by student and funding by funding. Any parent wants their children to be raised to be decent citizen. Pull together to start schools of your own conviction. Ignore the barbarians!
They will eat each other. And discriminate to any indecency. This is the key, because you have to abandon your own bad habits; otherwise you have no power: you would feel to be a hypocrite.

I did not write about NYPD officers, who did not do their duty. Without question, they and the responsible superiors, have to be removed from the force. There is no excuse for this betrayal of trust. If this was to teach the residents of the City a lesson, it was a form of misuse of power. They got to go.
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