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By The United States
Western Democratic Society
We all know the good aspects of the Western Society, in particular the United States of America's Constitutional Democratic Republic. By the people, for the people. Freedom First. Constitution, Bill of Rights. 

Has there ever in World History been a country that brought freedom to other nations? And that by shedding it's own Blood?
I consider my own life saved by Allied army soldiers, when I as a nine year old boy, almost died from hunger in occupied old Amsterdam. 
There is not one nation who ever came to "Liberate". They all went to conquer: The English "ruling the Waves", the French, the Germans, Spanish, Portuguese, Turks, Dutch, The Moors, Vikings, Romans, the all conquered and subjugated other peoples.
What is then wrong with this society?
Well, there are many thing who are controversial. I mean there are not just opinions on both sides of an issue, these are also practiced on both sides. They are moral differences as between steeling and not steeling. By these factors the society defines itself as impure. 
I don't expect you to need to be given examples here; most obvious are the sexuality practices. The freedom without responsibility leads to bondage to evil. We are a diverse society, good and evil live next to each other in homogeneous disharmony, and we are blind to it or corrupt enough to accept it.

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