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Tough job
For someone observing the violent confrontations in the Israely Palestine conflict it becomes obvious it's  humanly impossible to solve that problem than with absolute military power.
This would mean tremendous bloodshed and still not result in enduring peace.
The measured manner the Bush team has gone forward avoided total explosion of war in West Asia.
However the problems are not just complex; they are insolvable; they are insolvable without solving the religious diversity in the World.
The segment of the Muslim World population, which believes that unbelievers (of their faith) have to be defeated by violent means, is to large to ignore in our planning of future action; at least if we want to see a peaceful World inhabited by free people.
If we as humanity want to reach that goal, we have to look for and understand the intention and method of the Creator to reach His goal. 
It is easy to understand, that the only way to reach that goal we have is to unite with His intention and method. 
Our leaders (of Nations) have to want to know these intentions and method.
They are mostly to caught up in the Affairs of State and their own abilities and power. This does not leave them open enough, to let absolute truth reach their conscience. God can not reach someone listening only with half an ear.
This does not leave much hope that a cataclysmic war event can be avoided.
The method the Creator uses to reach a new level of development is trough one person he can use best. In case of the final realization of His goal, he needs to use a person who need to be acceptable to all World religions as well as the secular society.
This person has a tough job.
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