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What were they thinking!
After almost 3 weeks of military action of the USA over Afghanistan and anthrax tainted mail in the homeland, the American people might be more angry than scared.

Previous to 9-11, the Taliban had control over the many years battered country of Afghanistan, with a bloody grip.

We in the United States knew somewhat about the Taliban fanatic "fundamentalist", oppressive to women, Islamic regime. We read or saw some feature story about it, but the general public did, like it always does: "it's not my backyard, forget about it, non of my business" and wend on living their prosperous lives.

Yes we had our economical problems, caused by the dot-com and wireless decline. We also were in some level of digesting political correctness, what did not agree with all of us and we needed to deal with other internal situations, residue of the election process as it played out from campaign via voting machine to Supreme Court. Who paid attention to what was going on in and under the pile of rocks called Afghanistan? 

Then the unexpected, unbelievable, unimaginable happened!
The Government, CIA, was already for 6 years trying to get hold of "the evil do er". We the general public, not just in the USA, but in the whole World became familiar with the existence of the infamous an the name Osama bin Laden.

Then we all saw how G.W.Bush, in his address to the joint houses of Congress stated his demands.
The Taliban refused! What were they thinking! That this would fissle? Where they thinking that because they thought they had defeated the USSR? They did not defeat the Evil Empire! It had become to costly to hold on to a pile of rocks with stingers everywhere. Were they thinking that if the USA would come to get the Al Qaeda, it would come with tanks and attack helicopters, like the Soviets came? They would deal with those. They did not learn from the beating Iraq was dealt after it had not been willing to leave Kuwait. 

Any serious military operation after the Vietnam debacle has been custom designed, flexible and successful; except Somalia. But that was a peace keeping or humanitarian mission.

They better start to think about their honorable but useless death because they don't understand they have chosen for protecting their "guest", the prince of Evil.
to be continued.

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