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The right to defend!
In the press briefing after his meeting with prime minister Sharon of Israel, President Bush made in his typical simple manner clear that he is not fouled by the manipulations of Arrafat. He expressed that there is no or at least no reliable government (authority) to negotiate with. Mr. Bush expressed that he does not see such a authority (partner) would get in place very soon and that the establishment would only depend on the Palestinian people to create such a representation.
My commend is: the Palestinian people have to realize that they are a reflection of the leadership they have been manipulated to accept as representing them. To the civilized World these representatives have shown to be violent unreliable and uncivilized individuals who have indoctrinated their people into a way of thinking and a living style (standard) that leads to violence and destruction. Some reasons are tracing back to their intimate relation many of the Arab countries had with the Marxist Soviet Union. Because of this relation these states have been infected by the disrespecting human life aspect of blasphemous Marxism. They had their armies trained by Soviet advisers. They sold their soul for Russian tanks and Migs.  Their historical propensity to hate the Jews brought them to sign a pact with the devil. The descendants of Ismael are still trying to kill the descendants of Isaac, not accepting their Divine dispensed position, just as Cain did not accept and killed Abel. However Abel is much smarter now and knows how and "has the right" to defend himself. 
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  Date 03/00/2002