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Religious Perspective
The common ignorance about God and the lack of attention to Him in our normal daily life is reason that  when adversity comes to our life men asks these questions.  Men is pressed by circumstances to come to understanding,  if he want to regain control over and regain peace of mind.  Understanding God has always depended on how much ability to understand and how much relationship men had with God.  Men's ability is now on the level that he can understand that evil is not the other side of God's face. 
God is a suffering Father who sees his children bleeding, because men, any man, ignores his will to some extend.  Who really put God as "Number One" in his or her life? Who is really doing His will. Who is really even trying to understand what God's will is! And that is what we should do first. How can we do His will if we not know or even want to know His Will.Therefor men collectively has become servant of the Evil Site; "who is not for Me is against Me".
The western society has some good things going for it. Freedom, human rights, etc. It has also some terrible aspects.
Rev. Faulwell is only partially right when he talks about the homo sexuality, abortion, etc. Yes, they are some of the sins. No they are not God's reason to punish.
Men's sins allows the Evil force to claim it's price. God does not punish. The misuse of anything causes men's problems. The misuse of alcohol or drugs might cause family problems or car accidents. The misuse of a knife could harm or kill. The misuse of four airplanes caused many victims. The misuse of sex causes uncounted victims. The misuse of anything makes men handymen, accomplishes of the the Evil One, called Satan. 
Do not blame the God of Goodness for the disasters our selfish, faithless imperfect character causes to so many, mostly innocent victims. 
Because God is good, He also contains forgiveness. We can depend on Gods forgiveness if we repent and forsake the temptation of repeating and continuing destructive actions. Religion and its ministers should understand and teach that God is the absolute good and positive force in the whole of the Universe. God is ready to give His Love. We should turn our faces to Him. He can't talk to us when our back is turned to Him. And we should listen to Him and refrain from doing evil. 
Do not think that I justify the evil what is done to our society. Evil has no justification. We need to remove the larger evil first and than continue to eradicate all evil, down the line. We have to ask for God's guidance, each and every one, to we do it right.
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