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What Principles?
The past three and a half months have been of an exceptional intensity for everyone in New York and all places closely affected by the war: Enduring Freedom. 
This includes naturally also those on the receiving end of the US Armed Forces actions.
Justified as the war is for self-preservation, it is at Christmas time good for a Christian (pic) nation to reflect on that we had to recognize: the desire for peace on Earth and love your neighbor is not a universal human trait. The articles I wrote this past period have put perspective on the more or less hidden disparities of religions, politics in cultures of West and East; the same internally.
These two aspects, religion and politics, the most important are totally interwoven should by now clear to everyone. That the future will require some serious evaluation and adjustments of the principles which guide our lives, to be able to solve issues such as separation of church and state, multy culturalism, including English as the Nations National Language.
And let us not kid ourselves: There is a serious flaw in Islam: It gave birth to Islamism. And then the log in our own eye.
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