"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
 Over a Barrel.
They got you over a barrel! Those lefty rebel rouser student of the 60th and 70th. They now are the professors of many universities all over this and other countries. They have well paid positions at the faculty of many a university where you have to get educated and have to pay the high tuition's, to be able to get a reasonable chance of making a good living.
And you, parents have to send your sons and daughters to those universities with this kind of teachers, who are hidden under a vale of respectability derived from history, when the pursuit of knowledge was congruous to the pursuit of truth, to see them get indoctrinated  by those deceivers of morality. And you then in turn maintain their great living standard. And then again your children become ready to be milked by a welfare system with a level of taxes the world has not seen before. Now Gore proposes to make tuition's tax deductible. $10.000! Sounds good! You want that, right? At least if you belong to the interested group, and if you qualify! And even then! How much is it actualy realy going to be?
And you young ones, you who are responsible for paying back the study loan? You like that to! So you vote for this risky scheme of incremental establishing of socialism and you are locked in the system of tax & spend of these elite planners of your life, who call themselves democrats! They will keep, under the disguise of "social security" large segments of the population depending on government redistribution of income.
They will fight any attempt to let any part of SS-tax go into individual, self managed, retirement accounts, as George W.Bush has proposed to do with a meager 2% of those taxes. Such kind of retirement planning has been shown to be very successful and wealth generating, where government management would only result in a poverty level payoff. The risky schema could lead to prosperity and constant increase of self-sufficientcy and wealth for the whole of the population. And thus a diminishing voter base for the poverty pimping demagogues of the left. Imagine, Clinton vetoed the married tax relief bill, with the motivation that it would only benefit the wealthy. Yes, it is economically beneficial to people to be married, to be a family; and so you now belong to the rich. Demagoguery. 
Same with the 10 year plan to eliminate the inheritance tax, the so called "death tax". It would undermine their voter base and thus diminish the chances of future power for the elite of the left. 
They will also kick and scream to avoid the realization of individual health care savings accounts. They will continue to keep as many people depending on their power to extort perverse levels of taxes from the working families and individuals. To few people are aware of what is happening around them. To many people are scared out of their wits, to understand or to care, that the Freedom, paid with blood by previous generations, is robbed incremental from them and all citizen, to make place for a socialistic political system, that has nothing to do with what the Founding Fathers of this nation intended. In so many ways this nation is primed for a downfall to European style democracy. It is done in denial of the Creator in so many ways. Whether it is in denial of the unborn as being human life, or the prohibition of prayer in school, the 10 Commandments in Government buildings, gay marriage, women lib,indecent speech, in movies, on TV, in music lyrics, in advertising, the sex education in the lowest grades of secular "Public Schools", the many family undermining conditions, in general the legitimizing of immoral activities and the dulling down of conscience. All of this has a large segment of the population conditioned to forget, deny, ignore or to actively try to do damage to the Greatest Republic the World has ever seen. 
You see, those so called liberals got you over a barrel! 
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