New Task force on Immigration. What does Ashcroft's Warning Mean?
Wednesday, 10/31/2001, Att. Gen. John Ashcroft just announced the forming of a new task force to be charged with reforming the immigration process. This to keep terrorist and sympathizers out of the USA. My hope and advise is that that this purpose will be revised. It should work like a mousetrap and not of the humane type! terrorist is by definition a enemy and should not be let go!  Monday, 10/29/2001. It simply means to let you be informed for when you notice unusual law enforcement activity. You will know that you are in the loop and that your Government is not ignoring you and your concerns. It also means, that the Government lets you know that it is on the ball and that you are expected to know to be mobilized to keep eyes and ears open and not to hesitate to transmit important information to the authorities, in case you observe something unusual or alarming.
Some one to blame Proclaration of Jihad
A letter intended for a journalist from Time Weekly in response to her article: "Some one to blame"
The article describes the fear of Muslims in the Western World, including England. My letter reflects on the inherent problem of Islam, to have as goal a Theocratic society, by a regressive theologic dogma.
For those who may have been critical about my view, just note bin Laden's proclamation of Jihad. The events of the 11th of September, 2001 has been the prelude to... Armageddon.
Hijack Scare Email Only
A mentally disturbed man entered the cockpit of flight 1238 Boeing767, from LA to Chicago and was jumped by several passengers. This is exactly the spirit we could expect! Imagine, if my silly idea would have been followed. He might have been skinned. In response to the anthrax tainted letters going around, some people will not want to receive any mail from unknown source. No junk mail anymore; it will go right in the trash, without reading or opening. Maybe nothing new there. Only Email. This will have economical impact on print and postal industries. 
No No Photo Jesse Jackson's calling
As in Afghanistan the Taliban prohibits photography and filming, this has now also come to Ground Hero. While not an amateur photographer, I already experienced this policy's existence two days ago, and assumed to be coming from the mind of a young park ranger, this policy is now excused with the argument that it is a crime scene (no argument) and privacy considerations.  The first amendment is suffering as well from the 9/11/01 attack. Jesse Jackson might not have literally been called by the Taliban but more like a sailor answers the call of the Sea!
Miseducation A blabbering idiot.
The lefties of the sixties, who have infiltrated the education system of the USA, have corrupted the education of our youth. The students are living in the elusion to have an informed opinion. They express this at this time with the old  slogans. "Lets make peace not war" and "Give peace a chance". This after sex instruction and  condom use. They are also wearing the multy cultural and the environmentalist madcap. Saturday Morning, Richard Bay, again, showed himself to be a blabbering idiot. While he at many occasions professes to follow an immoral lifestyle, promiscuous, with the justification that he is single, he was not able to listen to the explanation of relative good and relative evil by a caller. As so many times before, he became obsessed, started to scream his  platitude: "That is bull-sheet-rock". Im sorry WABC, I had to turn off my radio. It will not be the last time.
Operation Infinite Justice or Armageddon? Operation Infinite Justice Political Incorrect?
The events of the 11th of September, 2001 has been the prelude to Armageddon. the whole story
The story includes links to cultural differences of Islamic World view and Western quasi Christian World view. Both these introductions need a lot more work. However they give already food for thought for the open-minded. Do not fear for some unpleasant truth; some insight in the imperfections of our society might be helpful to accomplish some improvements.
With amazement I heard that we need to consider the sensitivities of Moslems in which name the atrocity of September 11 is committed by not using the name of the planned operations against all terrorism: Operation Infinite Justice. Don't they understand that after Satan has done his deed Allah will now commence His Infinite Justice? For that purpose He will be able to make use of the forces on His site.
Airport Use From the Religious Viewpoint: Why?
The proximity of the Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC, what makes it at the time practically impossible to use for civil aviation. Also the need for air defense for the White House, Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings leads to the logic conclusion that the airport better be used as  military air base until the war to eradicate  world terrorism is finished.
It might also be needed to accommodate for air force planes on the  airports around New York and all large cities.
When calamity with loss of human life strikes the question will be asked by effected persons: Why did God allow this? Some will answer that God is angry about the sins of men. This is miss understanding of the God of goodness. Read here.
Silly Idea? Get over it!
Next might look like a silly idea; It derives from the positive effect on crime in some towns in the USA where every household is required to own a hand gun. Guns in airplane is not a good idea. The silly idea is to require every male passenger to be supplied with a standard 5" dagger when entering the plane. Security inspections can be simplified and there would be no chance for hidden box cutters to decide the faith of a plane by a small number of villains. The playing field would be more than equalized because enough male passengers would be able to take care of the situation. However some blood might flow. The hopeful unused daggers could be returned after arriving.  After the President Bush executive order to freeze any financial means of terrorist organizations it can, these groups will be pressed into robbing banks, as the former radical left did. Not a bad idea anyway for some banks to up their security. Some in the media noted that Pr. Bush did not mention 'communism' among the evil systems. Are the words 'fascist' and 'totalitarian' not clear enough to identify communism? Some news readers are still using the word 'retaliation' where they should use 'eradication'. We all are looking for a contra blow to the terrorists, but it will not happen as in the past; no instant gratification: get over it!