"From the gut (and the heart)"
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There are several occasions when President G.W.Bush has used this expression. He is regular using and applying this expression to help the American people and others to get them of their fixed tracks of thought. He ads to it the particular topic to be focused on.
For example:
Make no mistake about it! We are in hot pursuit! 
The one time this expression was almost prophetic the president spoke after the meeting with the Japanese Priminister:
Make no mistake about it! 
............................. This is good versus evil! The dotted line should contain words like " it is not against Moslem people, countries" or words to that effect. 
That I call this almost prophetic is that G.W. must understand that if it is "good versus evil", it is without doubt "God versus Satan". There is no escape of this fact and any person with a religious foundation would understand this. That there are again protesters at the universities should ring an alarm bell about what kind of educators we have allowed to corrupt the education system. But we could already long ago have known that. At least those who read the book written by William Bennet, "The closing of the American mind". It must not be forgotten: it might be called "difference of opinions", however I classify it under the heading: garbage in, garbage out". Like Rush would express the: "Impressionable Young heads full of mush". These professors got to be under the same judgment: garbage in, garbage out! Make no mistake about it!
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