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Government-Media Complex in League with Osama Bin Laden


Look folks, I'm not accustomed to blaring such sensational headlines. But let's call it what it is, rather than play Mr. Polite.
      The media is supposed to be our watchdog. What does a watchdog do? If a stranger walks by the fence, it barks. If he jumps the fence, it bites. It makes no distinction between intruders on the basis of political affiliation, it just bites them, one and all.
      When Patty Murray praised Osama Bin Laden, the mainstream media maintained complete silence. It should have been barking its head off, and biting, biting, biting. I'm talking calls for resignation from every quarter.
      Picture the intruder sneaking into your backyard, without evoking a peep from the watchdog. Why?
      But it's worse than that. The media was happy to bark and spit at Trent Lott, a Republican and Senate Majority Leader, but remains eerily silent about Senator Murray, a Democrat. When you consider just what a tight balance of power exists in the Senate, you begin to understand why complete silence on the subject of Sen. Murray was absolutely required, while abject outrage at Sen. Lott was maintained for as long as it was. Many reporters are involved. That speaks of conspiracy of a sort. If Washington goes Republican for the long term, it would do terrible damage to the Democratic Agenda. And that is why I say Government-Media complex.
      The situation is grim because the watchdog is supposed to be protecting us. Sitting in our houses, we don't hear the dog barking, so we think we're safe. Meanwhile, the intruder has just snuck in the back door.


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