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Mainstream Media Terrified of the Truth


The more I think about it, the more I feel like the American mass media is at the center of the country's woes.
    Maybe they were so tired out after bashing Senator Trent Lott for three weeks that they didn't want to go after another Senator. Who knows? They had a hard enough battle convicting him of a thought crime and a hate crime without the support of the executive and judicial system. To think that they would have to dig hard and deep to find the daycare centers and madrasas built by Osama Bin Laden out in the sand pit Middle East? To search for truth? I can hear their thought process: "Come on man, it's Christmas and what if we don't find anything? Will I still get my story?" knowing that the editors will bury any story showing what a big lie Patty Murray told a bunch of high school AP students.
    So, no major media outlet with big bucks is doing the investigative reporting. They simply quote an expert, who we are all supposed to believe. So here it is. "That's kind of a generalization but mostly accurate," Michael Swetnam posits. Mr. Chairman of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Arlington, Va, can I ask you something? Wouldn't you agree that your statement, while knowledgeable, does not substitute for investigative reporting? No one should have to accept the statement of any "policy adviser" who could easily be bought and sold by Saudis. Thus Senator Murray's comments deserve a little scrutiny and a good reason for the news media to perform its duty and investigate. Then they can tell us what they find. What happened to journalistic duty? What happened to we report, YOU decide?
    The answer is: The Radical Left.
    The left in the media are so afraid that their precious Democrat will not be forgiven for these statements that they're all hush that she said it. It's so unfair that they carry on with joy and frivolity that Republicans are racist, that republicans play the race card always, and that Republicans are segregationists, never once sniffing the Democrats to see if their stench is any worse. The allegations that most Republicans harbor racist bigoted sentiments is heinous and false. The allegation that most Democrats agree with and sympathize with Senator Murray is true. They are so psychotic that they actually think people love him for building schools and roads. Believe me, I've talked to them. They instinctively defend her speech, amid ridicule. They fail to observe that the hopes and beliefs and desires of these people are to bring about America's downfall, symbolized by 9/11. To them, the image of the towers burning is a symbol of victory and hope; the mass death of jews and infidels gives them a warm, cozy feeling in their sad little hearts. This is what has made Osama Bin Laden a hero in the past, not humanitarian works. That's why I say the media should report, we should decide. If they want to raise hell over remarks at a birthday party of an ancient public servant, how about a planned speech given in a high school? Which is more important to our nation's future?
    Somehow the media instinctively knows that America at large would not buy Sen. Murray's load of garbage, nor would they tolerate it being peddled to their idealistic and naive west coast youth. It would do terrible damage to the Democratic party if such a statement were ever linked to them.
    That is why the media remains silent. They do little, furthermore, to draw attention to press releases made by republicans that condemn these statements. But it's worse, because many republicans have downplayed Sen. Murrays' statements.
    However, it is being discussed on many talk radio stations, and outrage is being expressed on the airwaves. FURTHER PROOF that Talk Radio is better, that it is not afraid of the truth, and that it is the only place to go for news these days. Oh, and while I'm berating TV and print media, I should commend FNC, for I did see them discussing her statements briefly. Congratulations to them. However, they should be calling for her RESIGNATION! EVERY DAY! UNTIL SHE IS SHAMED OUT OF OFFICE WITH HER HEAD HUNG LOW LIKE THE FORKED TONGUE TRAITOR THAT SHE IS!
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