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Dreaming a mean dream.
For those Americans who are frustrated with the unsatisfactory support the US is receiving from the Saudi government, I dreamed up a scenario that might or might not be to far fetched.
Let us call the unpleasant strategy "Saudi friendship"! It is based on not giving or actually withdrawing support from them and leaving them open to invasion from Iraq. Would Sadam take the bate? The threat only would give them the jitters! 
Pressure on Syria would be the next step. The Hisbala has a strong foothold there and it need to be eliminated. Georgia could be the base from with an attack on Syria could be executed or at least planned. Therefor first put maximum pressure on Syria; Syria does not want to fight and lose! And losing they would. Don't think for a moment that it lets Sadam out of the cross hares. It would only be closer. And the seamen could visit Italy for some R&R.  Keep on dreaming.
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  Date 05/02/2002