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Big Brother Thought-Police in America


      Turn on the television and watch two minutes of hate – against Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. The Thought-Police have branded him a traitor and an infidel, based on some words he spoke that they claim are coded language indicating that he is still a racist who wants to return to the days of segregation.
      He has apologized. And apologized. Somehow apology is not enough. They want him to admit he was a racist, and then promote the radical black agenda of socializing the workforce, hiring by racial quotas, and when that is not enough, they want him to betray the conservative ideals the Republican party supposedly espouses.
      The infidel, the Goldberg, Trent Lott, has been dragged through the streets, mocked and ridiculed, slandered and abused, and every minute of it was televised – every minute except his grief and suffering, which is left to the imagination. His limp, battered body has been brought to the Thought-Police re-education camp. There his head was thrust into a rat-filled cage where he was forced to repeat the words of Big Brother. On BET I heard him say “I have always believed in affirmative action, in fact I practice it.” It sounds like “two plus two equals five” to me.
      Affirmative action is an abomination clothed in good intentions. If on January 6th, a vote of confidence is to be made on Trent Lott’s leadership ability, it ought to be based on his weak-kneed inability to speak for the conservative principles that ought to guide him. I wonder why he has been unable or unwilling to do so. If he in fact lacks these core ideals, and is simply a former Democrat who as a Republican represents what is wrong with the party – that is, that he is a centrist – the Republicans should vote him out. If he makes good on his threat to leave the senate and make the split 50-49, so be it. Better to have a dicey situation than a hopeless one.
      Trent Lott has been ravaged by the destruction machine of the Marxist Communist Democratic party and their accomplices, the mainstream media, which has cooperated in running a smear campaign against him at no charge. The anti-Lott coverage donated to the bankrupt DNC by the flailing press has been worth tens of millions of dollars. That ought to dismiss any claims they make to “objectivity.”
      Trent Lott has been re-educated not because his racism was exposed. He is not a racist. And he has never apologized for being a racist or espousing racist policies. What he has done is express how much he regrets the behavior of the Thought-Police. As sub-commandante of the Red Revolution Peter Beinart recently wrote in an article for The New Republic, “If Lott really doesn't think he was endorsing segregation, he has nothing to apologize for.”
      Exactly right. He has nothing to apologize for. But the Thought-Police are not interested in the facts, nor do they accept the truth. They are out to destroy.
      The punditocracy is eager to point out for the wrong reasons that Lott’s conservative allies and even the President are not standing behind their man. It is not because what he said meant that he supported segregation, or even because he is “damaged goods” that they fear defending, but because he continues to demonstrate that he is utterly devoid of leadership abilities. He had every chance to describe what he believes in and why, as I would have done in his place. He had the bully pulpit and the chance to speak to the African American population and tell them why affirmative action is wrong, why the party they vote for is selling them downstream, fostering a culture of dependence rather than independence, and creating false demons to distract them from the failure of their Communist-Socialist psychotherapeutic dogma.
      Yes. He could have braved the rat cage.
      He did not.
      They would have accused him of lying if he had. After all, Big Brother Communist Democrats, led by Gestapo Bill Clinton, cannot allow anyone to publicly expose how they are continuing to propound their constituency’s problems with the same failed solutions that they have been using for the last 60 years. That is the opportunity Trent Lott was given on BET. But instead of stabbing the beating heart of the Big Brother Thought-Police, he was bleating two plus two equals five.
      What abject failure.
      What dearth of character.
      So good riddance. But don’t forget the Thought-Police are unsatisfied with the election results, and are now in a bid to sieze the power they so rightfully lost.
      And don’t forget who its enemies are, and have always been. Not racists, but Republicans.



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Date: 12/18/02