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Trent Lott a Racist?


Here we are, in a free country.  People still seem to want to believe that the leader of the republican party is a rascist, and are hell bent on destroying his career. Is that fair?


I’ll say this: What Lott said was very stupid, politically indefensible, and furthermore, I’d like to see him resign. I’ve been calling for his resignation for a long time, because of his weak leadership in the GOP and in the Senate. The Senate needs a Reaganesque leader who will not give Tom Daschle any slack. However, it saddens me to see a man who served his country for so long slammed for otherwise innocent statements meant to boost an aging man on his birthday.


Trent Lott is not a racist. No one who knows him seems to believe so. And he has apologized. So what more do the democrats want?


The problem is that the democrats are intellectually bankrupt and grasping for issues. All of them are jumping on the Trent Lott is a Racist bandwagon. It is ugly and it is sad. If Trent Lott steps down because of their racist attacks, it will send a message that we must be extra careful in the way we choose our words, lest we be accused of being racist.


By leveling the charge of racism against Lott, they are weakening the meaning of the word. Calling someone racist should only be reserved for true racists. People like Louis Farrakan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Osama Bin Laden, and Yasser Arafat. These are the despicable race-baiters of our age who use hatred and bigotry to prop themselves up and add importance to their cause. The white race, especially in America, bends over backwards to accommodate them. Why don’t they stand up and say who the real haters are?



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Date: 12/14/02