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Arrafat is losing it.
There are three possible explanations for Arrafats uttering that "unless Israel would leave the Westbank immediately, there is going to be a large explosion, that would shake the whole region and effect the whole World!" 1. Arrafat would want to suggest that there are some high explosives in the area.  2. He wants to instigate a war in the manner Bin Laden thought he could get the Arabic world to follow him in a Jihad, or 3. and the most likely possibility that, because of lack of sleep and realizing that he now has become an old man, he would like to die a non violent death. Most likely he is just losing it. The bedroom in his compound was made unusable during a raid by the Israeli army last Thursday. This violent man sees the violence coming nearer and nearer to his person. And he does'nt like it. An other reason that Arrafat is getting testier is that President Bush after his meeting with Egypt's President Mubarak during a press conference, mentioned that it is not Arrafat or any single person, but the future hopes for the Palestinian people what is important. Mr Bush also mentioned that there must be many talented people among the Palestinians as prospective leaders. Mubarak had read a longwinded, many pages long prepared speech. He proposed to give Arrafat an other chance, something to which Mr. Bush clearly was not willing to give much consideration to, not unlike the proposed idea of timetable to the establishment of the Palestinian state. Hearing Mubarak's insincere words it became clear that we in the US or Western World are relative well off with our untrustworthy politicians. 
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  Date 06/10/2002