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A long, long struggle.
The best policy to apply to the Palestinian - Israel conflict is to approach it is as with all terrorism. It means that it is a long, long struggle. That is also a political proper strategy. Therefor to be involved as a peace broker, even though in reality there is no hope, than to ware out the aggressors. Their goals, character, methods, motivation, and dogma will not simply dissolve. This leads to the conclusion that nothing else is to be expected than a long struggle. Any hope to resolve the conflict on short term is plain self deception, expectations caused by the instant gratification culture we have gotten used to.
For people who understand these simple facts, it is their responsibility, for the sake of unity, to help to catch up, by those who not yet have adjusted to this reality. 
Politicians, apparently  because of individual aspiration, being in a delayed action mode, and because of  having deferred their attention by the auto reacting to oppose the party of the administration, could cause confusion to less astute constituents. 
Constant questions of when the war will be over is an indication of it. The answer is: We might not see the end in our life time.
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  Date 03/18/2002