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Sickening Lies!
Anytime a Palestinian representative is invited by the media and opens its (his or her) mouth,
they do what they must have learned from the late commies: they try to let you believe by repeating over and over, that the Israelis do the same as their buddies, those homicidal bombers do, that is: purposely killing innocent civilians.
Just as the ObL terrorist have hijacked Islam, so they, these Palestinian reps, have hijacked the word terror. It is not their language; they are not to define the meaning. Unless they are primitive (stupid). they must know that what they are doing is lying, as apologist for their evil deeds feel need to do. They also express to be "feeling" insulted when is pointed out the cultural differences, as if this classifies them as inferior. Well, they might be on to something! To defend a position with lies does not elevate someone's stature.
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  Date 04/06/2002