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The Taliban have now positioned themselves as being kidnappers by trying to use the accused imprisoned Christian relief workers as bargaining chips, pawns in a despaired game they think they need to play. They are not able to see the reality of their situation. Their minds have been so much poisoned with the cruel deeds they have gotten used to, to commit. 
Talking on the Vox cable show Hannitty and Colmes with former Vatican Ambassador Raymond Flynn about the predicament of these relief workers, an interesting contradiction was expressed by the ambassador.
It went somewhat like this:
" Imagine that if Jesus Christ would today go to Afghanistan, to preach the message of love, peace and hope, he would imprisoned and tried and maybe killed."
My question is: Isn't the Christian faith, as it is professed and taught, that that was exactly God's intention when He send Jesus to the World? ........
Please start to realize, that IF the contemporaries of Jesus would have excepted Him as the Messiah, we would live now in quite a different World, namely in a World of Love, Peace and Harmony! We would not have the horrors of our times. Because accepting Jesus was God's desire. If Jesus would have been accepted, God as the God of Love, would not have to suffer the pain of seeing his children live in, by humanity perverted creation, of hate, blood and tears. There would not be a Taliban; there would not have been a need for a prophet Mohammed, no Hiroshima, Nagasaki and so on and on.
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