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Hillary's karma.
While running for the NY senator seat of D.P. Monihan, Hillary's karma is catching up with her, like a chita with a crippled zebra. A number of occurrences, expressions of small mindedness of this "superior" intellect have floated to the surface. Accusations of anti-Semitism are surrounding her; the book "State of a Union", inside the complex marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton, by Jerry Oppenheimer, reporter with extensive experience, including off and on with the National Inquirer, revealed an outburst from some 26 years ago, allegedly expressing bigotry, however according witnesses now coming out of the woodworks, not standing alone.
Thus far the many Jewish residents of the NY metropolitan area, mostly loyal Democrat voters would mean an advantage to any liberal politician, running for whatever office.
This flop of many years ago, might wake up a sizable part of the Jewish population for the danger of Hillary, the liberal elite. To really understand Hillary is to understand the mind of the socialist elitist.
Socialism has some aspects in common with Marxism and Fascism.
Small surprise there: both systems used the name Socialism. Many of these common aspects are contra democratic. Watch for: Getting power by whatever means, "for the good of the society". The power is to be concentrated in a small number of people at the top, one, two or three, with only a small segment, say 5% of the population, the party members, around them, to enforce implementation of their social engineering, what includes equalizing the unequal. And that is everyone except the elite at the top. Here are some names: Robespiere, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Nasser, Castro, Kim Il Sung, Sadam Husein, and so on. All were living in the elusion that they are good and great. They all left large numbers of dead bodies in their wake.
They differ from decent politicians (oxymoron?), in that they never give up power than by (deadly) force. They have to die a rather less natural death. They take their time, waiting and building for the window of opportunity to grab power and than quickly increase in power to almost invincibility. Someone from their inner circle, swept along in idealism, with a conscience and with regrets for what monster he has help create, might try to assassinate the leader, dictator. And such person fails almost always and gets killed.
Am I still talking Hillary? Hope Not! Better Nip It In The Bud. Just thing it over and look for the signs and symptoms.
Let me get back to the Jewish constituency of the Metropolitan area with its historical ties and loyalty to the democratic party not anymore of use or benefit to them. However admirable the inherent philanthropic nature of the Jewish people, they must now come to the understanding that the institutional "philanthropy" of government confiscation and redistribution via the ever increased tax and welfare laws is a dangerous direction for the nation. Incremental individual personal responsibilities have been taken over by bureaucrats, who make a solid living of the weakness created by by this system generated dependency. The system of government agencies has to be cut down to reasonable proportions. That is: It should not enslave or cause dependency on hand outs. As it functions now, it assures a dependent minimum existence democratic party power base, based on fear for losing the little they have to live on: SS. It also divides between the segment of the population that still sees the opportunities the American free enterprise system ("capitalism" according still language permeating Marxist dialectics) offers and those who are wooed by the security a from the cradle to the grave "Father Government" might be. The punishing of success as the first group is experiencing, with the progressive taxing the Democratic Parliament incrementally has been able to implement during its 40 year reign, has already changed the spirit of the second group, who is willing to give up its independence as freedom loving Americans. Technology and Urbanization have also their influence on the culture and character of the population. However generation X and Y will take their chances in trying to reach financial independence and they deserve that. They will still have to work and pay for SS of the baby boomers. There is no reason to pay off the so called National debt on short term. The loans in the form of bond it represent and the interest debt it generates is paid from the taxes and streams back to the lenders bondholders and are just an stabilizing factor in the economy. The 2% of SS as individual managed retirement fund as proposed by presidential candidate G.W.Bush, is a good start to move to a foundation for a future prosperous citizenry on a widening scale. As with existing retirement plans, such as 401 K's, it will get many people more knowledgeable about finances and get their feet wet in the functions of the stock market and Mutual Funds. It will also give more people a steak in the free enterprise economy of the nation and as it is developing in the whole world, including Communist China . The Internet as well will enhance the chances to get financially educated. The 2% "Risky Schema" is only risky to the power of control the government bureaucrats are wielding thus far. A democrat (misnomer) senator with the character of Hillary will want to keep control over more rather than less of your hard earned dollars and want to reroute it to their ignorant about this schema constituency, stifle the growth of personal wealth by disincentive through promoting continuing progressive taxing. Let us not forget the secret power grip of Hillary of the health industry at the start of the Clinton Administration. You only think for a moment that she has given up on her plans to "socialize" the nation? With good intentions: "for the children and the families of the American People" as slogan. I remember the newspaper pictures and newsreels of Hitler kissing the children. That is what politicians always do. It does not cost much and there are always people to be snookered into believing in their "good intentions". Who knows what power play is really in their hart? They might consider all of us to be children who have to be taken care off, because we are not able to make the right decisions for our own destiny. Did Hillary's outburst proof her anti Semitism? Certainly, as a show of megalomania and of general disrespect for all people, the common trait of for- mentioned socialist elitists.
Paul Olivier, 7/21/2000
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