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An American Taliban
There was American representation in the Taliban! What is so special about it? Americans are everywhere, just like they come from everywhere. Johnny Walker got himself involved in a more committed religion. That this organization went over the top and was a potential enemy to the US was not to be foreseen; at least not at his level. Misguidance, caused by half truth, indoctrination, many people can step in that trap.  Wasn't that the cause that Marxism had and still has so many followers? And aren't we all repeating the mantra "Islam is a religion of peace?" Everyone of the main religions has a great deal of truth to contribute; the problem and reason for conflicts is the part of truth they are missing. They all lack the Divine perfection. The way John Walker got into the Taliban can be compared to the incremental socialization process the Democrats are applying to  the US. . . . Little harsh judgment, or just wide-awake?
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