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Kidnaped Journalist
The Wallstreet Journal's reporter, Daniel Pearl, kidnaped by a fanatic Muslim group, has according an other email gotten an other delay of execution of 36 hours. This after a unconfirmed message earlier that he already had been murdered.
Whether the earlier or the later message is based on truth will be found out when the body is found.
My prediction is that that he is already an other sacrifice to the crazed Muslim fanatics.
It also remind me of the lies of Arafat; they are not real lies. The Arabic truth is according a different concept of truth namely: because you are told that it is truth, therefor it is truth. This is not such a strange concept! It is inherent to many religions, because the truth is not known; what is already known by others is not accepted. It would make the accepted doctrine obsolete and the movement without foundation. 
Apply this to the Palestinian suicide bomber situation in the here after, no 18 virgins, only guild and recognition of the self deception he has lived with. Or the Jew, who . . .you know what, or the Christian who believed that Jesus came to die!
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  Date 02/02/2002