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Israel's message to Arrafat
It might have just coincidental that the attack of Israeli's copters on Arrafat's operational locations came at 9:15 am ET, they might have learned from the 9/11 attack, how to get the most publicity out of the attack. It may have well be just to give a sleepless night to the Palestinians involved in the emergency services. However Israel's message to Arrafat is clear: "We are here to stay, and you might not".  Israel's historical existence is indisputable, though resulting from human fallibility.  The excuses and explanations given by Palestinian "authority" representatives are ever convoluted and suffer from misapplied terms, like terrorize and state terrorism. They obfuscate the existence of and the responsibility for,  institutional glorification of terror in its media, education and religious interpretation. Slowly people in the civilized World have come to understand, that the method of terror to reach any political goal, is not fitting in the 21st century, and among civilized nations and peoples. Arrafat has miscalculated the aversion the civilized nations have to the methods of barbaric entities, not worthy of being named societies or even less cultures. Arrafat has classified his people as dumb,  impressionable emotional out of control barbarians. What he has invited to happen to the people he has taken responsibility for as a leader, could be compared to what happened to the Neanderthals. The  place he is in is not pretty, but of his own making. 
Hate is a bad guide and not smart.
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