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We in the west have a responsibility not only to preserve our own freedom but to nurture it where it does not exist.
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Why do they Lie?
"Make no mistake about it: It is Good versus Evil."
"Free people will set the course of history"
George W. Bush 
The awareness concerning the level of danger not just Fundamentalist Islamist but the Islam itself poses to the Western and non Islamic Eastern world, is slowly increasing. However mostly the more professionally involved and interested demographics is part of this development. This includes naturally the internet surfer community. And that's you here, to read from this particular perspective. What became clear to me is the difference and the similarities of religions and approaches to World reform as they are codified in writing. From the Bible we know it to be a collection of writings through time. And the parts are as chronicles, chronological as much as we can expect, considering the time they originate. And these are thus from different writers. The Koran is however from the hand of one man. This traveling businessman and self proclaimed prophet, as he would be called in our time, who married into money of his employer, wrote his instructions for life under Islam and how to subjugate the world under Arab domination by himself, if not dictating it to a secretary. Just like Adolf Hitler wrote his "Mein Kampf" as the foundation for his National Socialist movement to conquer the World with the superior Germanic race, and Karl Marx wrote "Das Kapital" so did Mohammed, the author of The Koran. He said to be inspired and found enough followers for his movement to take on some of the cities on the Arabic subcontinent. The influence of this movement has expanded from the Northwest of Africa to the Philippines, mostly through force and thread of death by cromsword and is maintaining its grip by limiting access to diverse information. Islam is the Invention of an Arab with the Ismaelite genetic superiority inferiority character flaw. Mohammed created a pan Arabic revolutionary movement in the disguise of monotheist religion. We should recognize it by its works as an other tool out of Lucifer's arsenal, reactivated after the diminished power of Communism. The cruel slaughter of the innocent are among the the common characteristics of both political systems. Communism was an opportunistic tool, aimed at making use of the diminished religiosity after the rise of the "enlightenment" movement. Islam had already for a long time spread its influence in Asia but would soon lose influence in Eastern Europe. In our time, an other wave of Islamic resentment has developed into terrorism. It is no surprise that weapons of the Soviet Empire are in use in all Islamic states. Weren't they originally produced to defeat the Free World anyway? Outside the controlled area of Islam, particularly in the US, the public notion is that anyone can start a religion. This democratic" viewpoint is close to the American mind. And since the seventies many did invent "New Age" religions. Most, who decide to become ministers do that by reason of a so named "calling" (of their conscience). Declining numbers join existing denominations. The most extreme manner to become a religious minister, for whatever reason, is the internet certificate of ordination for the Church of Universal Truth. It is not the intention to discount or discourage or ridicule good people to act according their beliefs and dedicate one's life to the Almighty. However, to start a new religion, a World religion, if ever it were needed, can't be a one way street; it involves the sanctioning by the Creator. To reason the validity of this statement, please consider that just an other religious opinion is not of any help; all discord of religions is not serving the Creator; Truth is not served with deluded truth. Read on . . .
Star Spangled Ice Cream,
Ice Cream with a Conservative Flavor.