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India Pakistan conflict is 
World's Gravest Danger 
India's government is no blessing to its population. The importance of Cashmere is not worth the millions of Indian lives at stake if a conflict with Pakistan indeed turns to nuclear blows. As I wrote some months ago: India's government has no clue! It is not considering the importance of the internal changes president Musharraf tries to make, changes which would make Pakistan a better neighbor to India. To the World the negative effect through the fallout washed into the ocean would have incalculable effect on the sea live and not just local. Attacking Pakistan ineffable would lead to a despaired Pakistan having to resort to nuclear countering the overwhelming conventional forces of India. The large cities of India and of Pakistan would become killing field dwarfing the Nagasaki and Hiroshima devastation's. That India is a democracy does not exclude that its government can make stupid decisions or have less than moral leaders. This is obvious just comparing to politics in the USA and not just of the moment.
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  Date 06/05/2002