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Wher's Encino Man?
Did he get away, or did he get to the neither world? If you red my editorials you know that in my opinion bin Laden is a kind of Neanderthaler or medieval person for our time. And he is not alone. It is just as with the first people: someone asked me in discussing my faith in the Creator and creation if Adam and Eva had belly buttons. My answer was that I while I could not be sure, that they probably had physical parents and that they as the first
people, that the difference with there parents was not so much in the external appearance; it was the  additional spiritual dimension that    made them human. Bin (ben = son of) Laden and others like him are still missing some aspect of conscience  that put him on a collision course with civilization and thus with extinction, just like the Neanderthaler when Cro-Magnon man entered the World.
 Bin Laden's religion has not served him well. This may be an omen to those who are tempted to convert to a pre New Testamentic Religion, make no mistake about it, because that's what  it is!
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