"From the gut (and the heart)"
(Old) Editorials by Paul Olivier
George W. Bush Will Be US 43rd prez.

There is no doubt about the outcome of the process, only about the course. If not for the elimination of the Florida machinations of the Gore campaing, the
House of Representatives will need to speak the last word. The majority of States have chosen for W. 
The next four years the Republicans have to work hard for "education reform", educating the general public that this Nation is not a plain Vanilla democracy, but a Republic and well under serious mob attack. 


While the question: "why are there democrats and republicans?" finds its answers in the American history, it can also be viewed at the present. For example, the statement of Hillary, that she would support changing of the electoral college provisions in the Constitution, the claim by Algore of having received the popular majority, Lieberman's denial that the elected legislature of Florida would have the right to chose the electors for Florida for the presidency and that that would be a Constitutional crisis, are some of the clear examples that in the view of the democratic upper echelon that the US Constitution is flawed.

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The election is over, bud the shenanigans are not, to our boredom and for the lawyers to their enrichments. This money has to come from somewhere; it comes from productive American people, through fundraising or taxes. It is a bill you have to pay for choosing Gore & hypocrite Lieberman as your prospective leaders. It might  be a small price to pay for escaping an other four years of incremental socialism. With the incoming administration of Bush & Chaney, gen. X Y & Z will have the chance to reach individual prosperity for their increasing life span and thus retirement period. Let's give "the Uniter" a chance to do the job, he wants to do for us instead of "the Divider" the job he would do on us; he has done enough.
Florida's Supreme Court Prejudice.

If there was still some itsy bitsy doubt about the Democrats upper echelons dishonor, then there is now no margin of tolerance left, after the ruling of the self interdicting democrat constituted Florida Supreme Court. It is obvious that this court was prepared to act as it did. For a 7 person group to produce a extensive explanation of their ruling after just 24 hours, in which deliberations had to take place to come to a unanimous conclusion and include a reasonable six hours of sleep, they must have had their opinion ready, even before the hearing on Monday! Remember that some of us were wondering why they did not, considering the urgency, schedule the hearing for Saturday! The conclusion can only be, that this hearing was a sham and only for public consumption and this court was acting with extreme prejudice! 11/22/2000

It seems we barely escaped a revolution!

 The mobs where already congregating on thestreets in Broward County, South Florida, New York etc. But why should they anyway, now? When  they had the White House already for the past eight years! They are only giving us a taste of what they would try on larger scale, when they would not be successful in keeping their "chairman" in place. They also could not be sure that they could count on getting a substantial number of regular decent democrats along for the ride; not all democrats would go for full blown socialism; most still see themselves  as "Americans" first and "Democrats" second! It's the elite cadre of ideologs who with scare tactics, promises and  deceptive "dialectics" succeed in misguiding the idealistic, the ignorant and taking along the criminal. Don't be naive; its all about power for the elitists. And be aware: It's not over yet! 11/16/2000

On the Electoral College

Let's get rid of the Constitution; we are socialist and forget that we have been for 208 years united states. We make the states just provinces without
independent constitutions and local government! We will just have centralized government. The electoral college is in the way and the heartland states are obstructing our socialist revolution! This is what Hillary could have said, when she proposed to sponsor a law to abolish the electoral college and make the election for presidency depending on the urban majorities from East and West Coasts. Also imagine what this would mean in case of a recount! You need to be a ignorant nut or an arrogant socialist elitist to come up with such an idea.

On the National Debt

Both presidential candidates suggesting that they intend to use some of the "budget surplus" to pay down the National Debt. George W. includes a "tax break" in his proposals. "Algore" promises to first save the Social Security and also to pay down the ND and than some more targeted give aways.
Talking about paying down of the ND sounds good, is a nice distraction from the real purpose. 

Over a Barrel

They got you over a barrel! Those lefty rebel rousers of the 60th and 70th are now the professors of many universities all over this and other countries. They have now well paid positions at the faculty of many a university where you have to get educated and have to pay the high tuition's, to be able to get a reasonable chance of make a good living.

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Hillary's Karma.

While running for the NY senator seat of D.P.Monihan, Hillary's karma is catching up with her, like  a chita with a crippled zebra. A number of occurrences, expressions of small mindedness of this "superior" intellect have floated to the surface.
Accusations of anti-Semitism are surrounding her; the book "State of a Union", inside the complex marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton, by Jerry Oppenheimer, reporter with extensive experience, including off and on with the National Inquirer, revealed an outburst from some 26 years ago, allegedly expressing bigotry, however according witnesses, now coming out of the woodworks, not standing alone.

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Tobacco Judgment.

With most laws the US congress produces and the respective administrations enact, an other incremental limitation of the freedoms of the American People is the effect. And as some wise Americans have said:
 "The less the congress does the better".

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Well, here you go again! "Wilding", as we had some summers ago in the swimming pools of New York, has now returned, as a repeat show of decay of civilization. After the Portorican Day Parade some horseplay brought out a mob mentality in boys and men who had relocated themselves to the park. Police, being informed by female victims of getting their cloths pulled of their bodies and groped after being douched from water bottles.

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Web Attack!

The recent "denial of service" attacks on
companies with a large presents on the internet had the effect of an alarm clock on my intuition. So here some of where I came up with. 
The first question you can hear and read in the media is "WHO"? 

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