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History will show that the Bush Team followed the right strategy and was not acting contra or in a diminished application of the Bush Doctrine. This might be the impression a honest however limited informed citizen, or a distracter such as a socialist politician, or media person who has to make a living from talking, using speculatively some contrary idea, would want to utter.
The mission of Sec. Colin L. Powell was a success: THE WIDENING OF THE CONFLICT IS AVOIDED! If that is not a success than what is? 
The withdrawal of the Israeli forces was not of interest to the War on Terrorism. 
Arafat did not really denounce homicide bombing; what did you expect? Arabs have integrated politics into religion. 
That way they got themselves into a not to disentanglable knot. Isn't that also what the reason for the existence of Israeli is?
The World is not ready for God's Kingdom on Earth where religion has no use (Understand the paradox!) and politics is not the promotion of groups interest but to advance everyone's interest. Yes, I am still a idealist. 
Many problems have to be solved first. For now we have to survive as a secularized society with democratic freedoms, but not without religion.
And whatever the distracters say: The Bush Team might well be the best team history has brought forth, not counting the Founding Fathers.
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  Date 04/18/2002