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Connect the Dots
Thus far I have not seen (read) making the connection of the "Liberation Theology" attack on Christianity as we experienced some two decades ago in Latin America and the now exposed pederasts in the American Catholic Church. Wasn't Liberation Theology the method Marxist used to undermine, perverted the strong Christian faith among  Latin America's poor and brought them to take up arms? The Marxists also promised to infiltrate the Western Democratic society. They clearly where extremely successful: atheist, without doubt, control the public school system. They control the secular main media, TV and newsprint and movie industry. Aren't the femenazis belonging to the same ilk too? You might say:" But there are feminists among the women with faith! Yes! That is true! Confuse is "divide and rule"! What about the militant gays? You think they are God fearing fatefuls? I don't think so! Our whole society is infected with Marxist terms: we use the word "capitalism" instead of "free enterprise system". 
Gay priests! Isn't that a paradox? Not if you are taught to accept that "gay is ok!" I really would be surprised if these individuals who are now exposed as pedophiles, did  not intentionally enter the priesthood to subvert the Catholic Church and Christianity. I have no proof; I just connect the dots! Note also the frenzy of the media attacking the Church. But they were already indicated as being part of the atheist swarm. 
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  Date 05/07/2002