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Middle East Complexities, part 5.
In Part 4 (of 1 -  4) You were left of at: We have to understand that it is only "relative good" that the free democratic World has to offer. Western democracy, however superior to all other systems of civilized political organization,  it's like a ship with a hole plugged with a sugar plug. The sugar plug is "happiness through consumption". The sugar plug is butter covered with "you religious beliefs are personal". It does not sound perfect, right? Where is this going? Family is better than alone. United is better than divided. Agreement  is better . . . etc.. The ideal is in the future, but how long do we want to stretch keeping imperfection going? Before an ideal society can be formed a lot of preparation has to be done and many countries and groups have to be helped to catch up. And a lot of misconceptions have to be replaced with the right on. The idea of homogenizing religion and cultures is the preparation needed to prepare for what we as mankind have to become. In the mean time the barbarians external and internal have to be kept under control or eliminated, as the Usama's and the like.  But we ourselves need with open mind to unload the fallacies of our beliefs.
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  Date 12/13/2001