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Middle East Complexities, part 3.
In Part 2 you were left with a challenging statement; for some  people it will be a riddle. But most know the statement is about the person who's birth we are suppose to celebrate later this month.
All the current events are related to this missed opportunity. The  homogenizing of cultures and religions as proposed here, is the natural and long way. The short course has probably past again as an other lost opportunity, just as 1966 years ago.
What is standing in the way of a peaceful World? These are factors such as politics, economy, religion and power. There are other details, all composing the brew in the historical pot.
But the most important is religion. When you by logic or experience have come to realize  the existence of the Creator, you can understand that in religion mankind is not the sole involved party. This makes it the factor with the most gravity.
As we know, the main religions are all derived trough the same person.
First the Hebrew; then because of some events ~1966 years ago Christianity and an other 600 years later Islam. What is important at this time is to understand, that they have all three a defect.
The defect are for  Hebrew - Judaism: they still believe that they are the chosen people. But they missed their chance.
For Christianity the defect that the doctrine includes the misconception that God send Jesus to be killed: God send Jesus to be accepted.
For Islam the defect is that it missed the humility to accept the message of the earlier one's. It started from the bottom, there where they left off, by Ismael. It also states that Jesus was just a righteous prophet; this bypasses, ignores God's intention and is thus heresy.
All three have in common to expect some person to come, the Messiah.
And they all believe it in their own wrong way. 
The three deriving cultures each deal with the other human factors, politics, economy and  power accordingly.
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  Date 12/11/2001