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Middle East Complexities Part 2.
Part 1 ended with the question: "Who is ready for that?", this  after suggesting, that "homogenizing" of cultures and eventually religions, would as well be a challenge of the 21st century. However difficult these aspects of historic development and
progress will to accomplish be, in my opinion, without this we can't reach World peace.  Hanging on to a before 20st century concept of the World,
divisions, borders, nations, cultural and human separatism, including multy - culturalism as it exist in the US, will obstruct or hamper human
development Globally toward a future that is inevitable to come anyway; the World has become to small. It is just a question of how long humankind will impede reaching this preferred condition. It requires open visionary eyes, not just for leaders, but everyone. I have no illusions to be a deep thinker; to me these ideas are simple conclusions I reach just looking around in life. 
Let me continue with this eventually "homogenizing religion". It is not that I expect much result of me thinking and writing about it. At least not on short
term. The basis of the matter is to me simple, well maybe not so simple, the concept of one begin, one source, one universe, one Creator, God, one truth, one humanity therefor one religion. Any denial of this the truth of this conclusion  can only be escapism. The details of that one truth might not be known to any and all of us; but that doesn't make a difference to this truth. And there are always people who know something better than others; with the result of a multitude of opinions and thus
And my conclusion, however humble, solves nothing yet. 
Faith is serious matter. Not so simple as what I wrote as the "One God" conclusion. 
Religion uses rituals to impose and impress itself. This is not a bad "impose"; it is to help us to stay with the program; it helps us to connect and stay connected. In our state of existence, we are not close to "# One". The omnipresence of the One escapes us unless we are put with our noses on it. Most of us perceive it as a long distance relation. 
Muslims pray 5 times a day, according a natural schedule. Not a bad idea, for us and the Europeans. It would be a nice step in the right direction to homogenization.
They can learn from us some things too, like control their emotions and so. 
All this because humanity missed a chance to have a perfect World, some 2000 years ago. 
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