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Middle East Complexities Part 1.
However important the position of the US is in the World, it has not changed the point of gravity to New York or Washington; that has and will be for a long time the Middle East. It is there where the cultures of West and East are showing not to be have been homogenized. It is there where cultures clash. It is also there where the alphabet originated, but where scripts part. It is the border of the classics. The Western classics have little positive influence on the East with some exceptions. The classics of the East have very view readers in the West. Both sides are missing out on the good influences they could have from each other, as knowledge always has positive effect. It should have that chance. The challenge of the 21st century is not just to defeat terrorism; it is also to overcome the provincialism of cultural traditions. A very difficult but obvious change should be promoted: to use the western Alphabet characters in all   countries who not yet do so. The functionality is clearly to be seen in the  computer technology of the moment.   In the future we know, we can expect ever more capable computer technology.  This could make it possible to process graphics in some total new way. It would give the more graphic demanding scripts of Middle East and Asia chances of extended life.
This would however not help the needed homogenization of the World. Not that we can expect much cooperation from those who "divide and rule". And then: how to overcome the inertia of the masses? Much has to do with religions. These have to be homogenized too. Who is ready for that? 
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