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Today six month ago our lives changed and everything happens in that context. Again young men are sacrificing their lives for others and our hearts and minds are with their families who share in that offering, that we and our children be free. We owe them our gratitude and will be responsible for giving our civilization value through living honorable lives.
With this mission it is as with the War on Terrorism and any war: It's over when it is over and it takes as long as it takes! The outcome of a war might possibly be predicted if the powers diverge, however the duration is depending on unpredictable conditions and ever changing factors.
The expanding violence in this conflict has different and similar expressions of character and motivation. 
Desperation is the common aspect of motivation. Both sites are non Christian what brings the revenge factor in to play for both parties. This makes for the arrogance factor of the Israelis (the Chosen People) and the hate factor for the Palestine Muslim Arabs.
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Alarmist pretend that there is news value in bringing to the attention of the public, that the Bush administration reviews nuclear defense in the case of a number of countries, including Russia. It would however be terrible dereliction of duties if it would not weight the usefulness of what is already available in its arsenal and what is amiss.
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