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India clueless
The military build up along the Indian - Pakistan border, after the terrorist attack on India's parliament shows India to be played like a violin by the terrorists from Cashmere or wherever, including Al Qaeda.
The manner India is proceeding as observed from a distance is as a hysterical wife (pic) blaming the husband for the high taxes imposed by the government.
Pakistan's military government, that took control for the sake of the country, after successive corrupt, more or less democratic administrations, does not need to defuse its capabilities by pressure from Indian armed forces at its Eastern border. That while it is in full action against escaping Al Qaeda and Taliban forces.
Again seen from a distance, the incompetence of India's diplomatic personnel and maybe also Pakistan's (according this observer, Pakistan's foreign minister is not very bright) appears grotesque!
Wile fighting the same enemy, terrorism, India is causing diversion of efforts of both countries and so giving relief to their common enemy. If India compares it's situation with that of Israel and equals the Palestinian Authority with the sovereign state of Pakistan, they are out of their wits.
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  Date 12/28/2001