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Civilized or Half?
Like as with all Americans, the new situation the World has turned into, has gotten to me too: thinking and wanting to write; for a visual person, a photographer like me, not that natural to want to express myself in writing.
What stands out as the most prominent issue among all interesting and important issues is the transition from a World divided by cultures to a World that is to be homogenized.
I am some what surprised that not to many people understand that this is where we are at. This also necessitates to let go of where we came from.
Where did we come from? O, let me correct that, we are still there! We are in the "late barbaric period"!
Some people have, because of unrealistic view of life, sprung forward in some aspect, while in other aspect they are still in the midst of it. Take the veggie burger animal lover who is pro abortion. There is to little time for more examples here. They are most important, but I have to be very subtle not to offend. There are large groups, whole communities, very sophisticated but not accepting certain absolute facts. You can believe what you want, right?
Some groups have to be left behind; they are not making it. And because of the conflicts they cause, they have to be defeated. That is not so difficult to understand in case of Taliban and Al Qaeda, but it could be a shock to realize that they are among us. 
You might already have drawn your conclusions.
Next is: what should the standard be? How civilized should we , humanity, become?
Half and half?
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