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India and Pakistan chilling out.
The regional meeting attended by India as well as Pakistan did not lead to a direct meeting of their presidents, however the Indian Min. of defense George Fernandes expressed his opinion about persons who suggest possibility of nuclear exchange as mad, stupid or irresponsible. India also offered the suggestion, rejected by Pakistan, to jointly patrol Cashmere. India in a change of tone expressed to want to pursue the diplomatic route. However Indian prime minister Vajpayee insists on ceased cross border terrorism before any direct talks can take place.
For who wonders about the paradoxical positions expressed in the previous editorials should understand that the threat of the use of nuclear weapons and the use of them is not inconsistent. Both situations have fear in common. The threat to eradicate Mecca from the Earth after a clear warning using nuclear weapons as substitute bulldozers or the use as war tools in the India Pakistan conflict is as different as taking antibiotics versus being poisoned.
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  Date 06/06/2002