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Why Celibacy is not the real cause for Pedophilia among priests.
Celibacy of Catholic priests has been in discussion in and among the media, for reason of  exposed pedophilia of some percentage of priest. Modernist aiming at adapting religion to contemporary secular morays are suggesting that pedophilia is the result of repressed sexuality caused by the unnatural demand to humans to adhere to the commitment to sexual purity through celibacy.
The celibacy and pedophilia are however separate topics as I will explain.
let's first take the reason for priest celibacy in the Romish Catholic Church.
All through Biblical Old Testament history man of central interest from Adam on have been procreating. What it means "of central interest" should be understood as of central interest "to God" and therefor to man as well. All those men of central interest had families. This wend on even to High priest Zechariah, the father of John (the Baptist).
However it ended with Jesus of Nazareth, the central individual of New Testament and Christianity. His "untimely" end of physical life left no chance to establish a family in that sense. 
As Jesus' followers proliferated around Peter the first proxy for Jesus, custom or tradition was established for Popes to follow the pattern based on Jesus' celibate life. Skipping over the schism of Rome's Catholic an Eastern Orthodox as well as the Protestant movement and establishment, we are still at the point that any Pope is expected to follow in Jesus' footsteps. 
When a young man follows the religious calling to become a priest, he might progress during his life to eventually become a bishop or a cardinal. Then when a Pope passes over to the spiritual real, from and through those high quality men and God's guidance, a new Pope is chosen. As the chosen cardinal and sometimes bishop is to become the new Pope, it would be a little late to become celibate! The reason for celibacy for any priest is that he is in line to become Pope, placeholder for Jesus. This requires him to be like Jesus; no small task. From this viewpoint the celibacy is only a small sacrifice, compared to the whole of his mission, what includes total obedience to the church hierarchy. The dilettante reason that a priest is married to the church is a simple metaphor for simple minds and not even that.
Now the pedophiliac item. Just shortly ago I remembered vaguely that when I, in the 60's in Amsterdam, was attending "happenings" as they where called, organized by to some extend subversive "movements" called "Provo" and later "Kabouter", at some time, because I had a camera and the status as photographer, useful to the goals of these groups, the guru instigator of these happenings, Robert Jasper Grootvelt, told me that they intended to undermine and destroy the Catholic church by having some of them becoming priests and infiltrating the RC church. That I at that time was neutral to the RC church and perceived this information as hollow talk, because of my ignorance about Marxists and their fanaticism I put it back in my subconscience. In time I became wiser and educated about the philosophy and historical providential position of Marxism Leninism as a tool in satanic hands.
The signs that it had not been hollow talk appeared when in the 80's we received reports about the support of priests or monks and nuns proclaiming something called "Liberation Theology" and their support for communist rebel groups in Middle and South America. Subversion and corruption by these communist agents in the RC church and the priesthood has naturally not only taken place in South America; In the system of the Catholic Church the young priest are sent to wherever they are needed. And these infiltrators knew how to make use of the church system, just as lefties anywhere know how to use the system, unhampered by conscience or faith or truth or principles or humanity; they have an other master, "the destroyer". And that is whether they know it or not. 
It appears as if sexual corruption as it permeates society has done same in the priesthood. Ignorant about the intentional, planned and dedicated infiltration of the Catholic Church as I described here I, as I was told the intention was, and probably was also textbook strategy for Marxist cells, we might not get the right inside of what the pedophilia factor and its source are. You might just go along with the notion that it is just because of suppressed sexual urges that drives unmarried men. There might be some who "fall" along the Route of Christian Sacrifice" to the temptation by human love and sex. Most priest are still highly motivated men,  dedicated to their calling, who have no great difficulty to keep their oat of purity. That the mostly secular thinking media has milked the sex related pedophilia topic, where church and religion can be attacked without giving the impression of being unreasonable or bias is no surprise; the media, in general, with few exceptions, is subordinate to the same "deceiver, who was a liar from the beginning".
Don't believe that because the "Evil Empire" came down, that the Marxist philosophy has no disciples anymore or that it's master is gone. And he has his helpers everywhere. The universities, the public school system and Hollywood are other accomplices. You note that the gay aspect is left out of this article because it is not related to my personal input, knowledge or experience. It has however a place in the whole structure, as an other morality undermining factor inherited from the same corrupting master.
As I wrote in my previous editorial, Marxism has also infected Islam. It is worth reading that article too.
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  Date 06/12/2002