"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
 George W. Bush Will Be US 43rd prez.
The next four years the Republicans have to work hard for "education reform", educating the general public that this Nation is not a plain Vanilla democracy, but a Republic and well under serious mob attack.
And this education reform will not be made easily accomplished; the Republicans have many factors against them.

1. The Teachers Union.
2. Leftist Professors at the Universities.
3. A Liberal leaning press corps.
4. Many groups following immoral World views.
5. Power hungry populist politicians, with demagogy as MO.
6. A gullible population to take care for.
7. Their own unshakable harness of sense of fair play, which can and will be taken advantage of.

The Republican politicians have some positive factors on their site, such as:

1. Their unshakable harness of sense of fair play, if they can hold on tight to it.
2. The declining segment of the population, to simple to understand or to poor to have time to get informed.
3. The explosion of means of communication.
4. Fast developing technology and the resulting ease of increasing productivity.
5. The so realized booming economy and thus decline of the group depending on government handouts.
6. Good moral and political principles, the greatest strength they have.
7. The eye opening events of the moment.

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