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Blurbs of 2/15-16/2002
The passing of the Campaign Finance Reform Bill in the House of Representatives, is a incremental encroachment on the First Amendment of the Constitution of the US. It is not intended than to advance the incumbents position. It protect the incumbent from being criticized during the 60 days before election day, exactly the time the majority of citizen pay attention, if at all, to the coming election. It also sets the stage for attacks on the Second Amendment. And don't expect it to halt there: It will eventually show to be aimed at the reformation of the Republic into a plain vanilla democracy. Make no mistake about it!

Milosevic has demanded that former US president W.J.Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and other nation leader to be called to testify in the genocide trial in the Hague. Is he not aware that aforementioned Clinton is not considered to be a reliable witness?

The murder of a women driver license agent could be proving, as I warned in an earlier article, that there are citizen sympathetic to the terrorist cause and that they are not only from middle eastern decent, but also from resentful groups, as the one's who want compensation for slavery! The assassinated women got herself to deep into the terrorist cell; that's my guess.

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