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Rep Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga, acc. her bio Catholic, member of Armed Service and International Relations comities and Af..Am., was criticized by Sean Hannity for her apology to Saudi prince Al Walheed, who's $10M gift was rejected by NYC mayor Rudy Giulliani. 

In an exchange between Hannity of the "Hannity and Colmes" Fox cable show, Hannity told the person "representing the Representative", "she is not my representative". The response of the Rep rep, also Af.Am. that he and their community, meaning the African American community, were very satisfied with Mss. McKinney and supported her position.

In my article "The Moslem Factor In USA" I mentioned the reason why we could expect this kind of reactions to the war and terror atmosphere. I missed however how much more complicated and convoluted and still so narrow some minds are.

Knowing that the Saudi position is not better than ambiguous, supporting the USA limited military, on the other hand financially supporting Islam Radical organizations, a $10M donation accompanied by political advice is just in the same tradition.

In the US we like to see things in simple polarities. Black and white, democrat republican, male female, gay strait, young old, modern old fashion, rich poor, opportunistic principled. Where does it become complicated?

It becomes complicated, when a Catholic gets divorced, a women takes a equal and opposing position to a man.
Thus far it is not that complicated. It's getting a little more complicated when a Catholic is not so Catholic anymore, because divorce isn't; and the Catholic is African American opposing an other Catholic and taking position in favor of a Muslim.

This brings me to the similarities of the opposing parties. Catholic Giulliani, not divorced yet, but not so far off and "give me the money, we are sorry" McKinney.

I must say, don't understand this community support she has other than that she seems to be African American; it is not that common for African Americans to be Catholic; I assume therefor that the supporting community is not Catholic. That that "community" might take a position, contra the general supported Giulliani position does not surprise me as I already predicted they might. 

The knowledge about how the Sudan Arabs hack the blacks of the southern part of the country to pieces, has very little effect on keeping them from uniting with the position of the United States either.

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