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Pro Abortion Crowd on Alarm
The intended plans of the Bush administration to make health care available to unborn children of low income women, has as was to be expected brought the pro abortion advocacy in an uproar. The fear is that this is an incremental move to make the unborn protected as an individual human being and outlawing of abortion ineffably the result .
That there is benefit for both  mother and child in the case of prospective mothers, who already have chosen to be mother anyway is a hard to ignore reality they rather see put into place without qualifying the unborn as human protected with rights under the Constitution.
In any case the fanaticism to defend the value of the women as being high enough to kill a child for her convenience could be directed to a higher purpose; however Marxist atheism has wormed itself deeper into this society than most recognize or dare to admit.
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  Date 02/01/2002