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The deeper reason for the Israeli Arab conflict.
There is an in general un-inculcated reason for the hostile positions.  The position of Islam and it's original followers, the Arabs, in history and therefore how it is to playing out in current times, is not analyzed or traced back to it's source, its real beginning. The Israeli Arab conflict, extended to the whole Western World can't be dealt with rightly without digging out the cause. Just as aspirin for a headache does only covers up the symptoms, but not cure the underlying pathology. 
The purpose of this article is to bring a fundamental perspective to the situation the Western world has to be aware of. 

The hate of the Arabs is mostly assumed to be of somewhat recent origin: the creation of Zionism and the Jewish state Israel.  It is also assumed that the younger generation of Arabs obtains their hate through education. But both nurture and nature play a role and come together as root and trunk as will be reasoned here.
What is then this root? To explain the root of the situation you need to include a not so daily followed line of thought.

The Hebrew religion started with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was however a reawakening of what was already present in Noah and even back to Adam. Only those who recognize the historical validity of Biblical record, accept that this is the origin of the Hebrew religion. 

In nature, God's nature, there is an  important principle is functioning: everything has its uniqueness. Even two atoms from the same element have their uniqueness. Their uniqueness might just be their different location. Applying this uniqueness principle to human beings obvious does not mean just different locations but other attributes, qualities and abilities.

The way religions got their beginning is by individual founders. It is important to relate to time and place those religion's founders lived. It is well understood that the factors, location and timing are important.
The relative greater usefulness to the Deity, of one religion over an other, or for that matter the relative greater usefulness comparing two people, as is only the Creator's decision, is less understood.  Some might be mystified by the idea that God loves everyone and we are thus all equal. However God has things to do and not everyone makes him or herself to the same extend available to work with . Is there any doubt that God will be able to decide who is best usable to Him?

So at some time He chose, for Good reason, Abraham. Why? Because Abraham became available. Abraham was unique in figuring out that there was only one source, one cause, one Creator. This made it possible for God to reach out to Abraham and have a “One to one” relationship with Abe. And because of His appreciation to be  recognized by one unique person, Abraham, God promised him to make his offspring as numerous as the grains of sand on the beach. 

There was an other useful aspect to Abraham: he had chosen a beautiful and dedicated wife, Sarah. She loved him so much that she traveled with him wherever he went. ( Maybe no choice?) And they went together all over the Middle East, as we call it now. That this was not a safe undertaking in those days is clear. Iit's not safe today either. 

So far, so good. However it seamed that she was not able to bare a child. This would have impeded God's promise to have Abraham's offspring become a numerous people. Sarah loved Abraham so much, or she was such a realist, that when she progressed in age, she told Abraham, he should impregnate her servant Hagar. Abraham made the mistake to accept this invitation. Abraham listened to his wife just like Adam had listened to Eva. Big mistakes! To use Trent Lott’s words: “we would not be in the mess we are in now!” 

So Hagar bore Abraham a son, Ishmael. But when later Sarah, at advanced age, anyway became pregnant and gave Abraham an other son, Isaac, trouble quickly entered Abraham's household. We know only what the Bible describes as the conflict between the two mothers about the their respective kids.
Sarah, to protect her son, told Abraham to get rid of Hagar and her child. 
And again Abraham listened to his wife. He sent Hagar and Ishmael out into the dessert, what from human viewpoint would only mean: to meet a certain death. 
But The Bible tells us that God remembered his promise to Abraham and his offspring and saved the child and its mother's lives. 

But the humiliating and life threatening treatment, together with the not so humble disposition of Hagar handed-on to her son Ishmael, who had been past by as first born, developed a resentment, which entered his progeny, the Ishmaelites. This character trait of arrogance and envy has from then on multiplied and expanded into a wider than national trait, with all their offspring. That is: all over the Arabic world. These unhealthy attributes have bred in and have become, as we call it now, genetic! A genetic trait of a strong ability to hate, in particular towards Jews, because that's where it all started: The younger son was preferred over the older half brother (bastard).

For those not bordered by the religious connotations of this explanation, you might consider recognizing the particular pattern, as it appears in the Bible. Starting with the acceptance of Abel's and rejection of Cain's offering, the first born blessing of Jacob over his older brother Esau, up to the relation of John the Baptist and Jesus, both conceived in the house of Zechariah. For some reason, not immediately of need here to be explained, however important, God's choice seams to be the younger of the two.

The emotional sentiment of hate of the Arabs, towards the Jews, the Chosen People, is also directed towards the US, a nation of Christian heritage, with its freedom, such as its freedom to worship any way one chooses, including not to. 
It means that it also allows and exports immorality, which could surely undermine their culture and society, in a fast shrinking world. That powerful nation is also the protector of those hated Jews.

Let's go back to the period between the time of Ishmael and Mohammed. 
During that time the Arabic tribes where not that clear minded about the one and only Creator.  They should have! Since they split away from the faith of Abraham, many wondered confused around in the realm of polytheism and idolatry. Their arrogance kept them from returning to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's faith, which descendants had also their own faith problems, resulting in slavery in Egypt and deportation to Babylon and Persia. (Iran - Iraq)

But when, some 2570 years later, Mohammed, a traveling businessman, got the inspiration to bring Arabs back to monotheism, the strong arrogance and envy had already taken deep roots in the Arabic character. However this new religion had no feature to remove these bad characteristics; it was in fact rewarding them, by teaching that Muslims are better than all others, the “infidels“.

The Jews at that time had been dispersed already for almost 600 years. They were without country and power. The Arabs for the time being, did not have to worry about the Jews in any form of competition, because the small numbers, so here and there, were easy kept under control. It seamed that the Jews would never again be of importance as a people or as a rival religion. The Arabic Islamic society could grow and bloom, in all aspects, almost unobstructed. They only had to cope with a series of crusades by medieval Christians, who might have had faith, but no real understanding of the requirements of that faith. However the Muslims had no problem to recover and defeat the attackers. They occupied an extensive part of Eastern Europe and had conquered Spain and were solidly settled there. They did even better in polytheistic Middle and South Asia. 

That they where there in Spain, in the fourteen hundreds, defeated by a army under Pepin the Short one, could have been the beginning of their cultural decline. 
They kept their inherent hate for Jews not to deep buried but latent, with intermittent intolerance erupting, till the beginning of the 20th century, when Jews started the Zionist movement, returning bit by bit to the Palestine protectorate, buying land and settle. 
The rise of the National Socialist Party and the “Das Driete Reich” under dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, who's intention was to destroy all Jews, was a boon to the Arabs, again, for the time being. But it also drove many Jews to Palestine, in the hope to find refuge in the God Promised Land. 
When after WWII the Western World realized what atrocities had been committed in the concentration camps and its gas chambers, to the Jews and other groups, guilt caused support for the remaining Jews to return to a homeland. When those Jews, after a struggle with the British, proclaimed the independence of their new state, Israel, the western nations went along and recognized the fledgling state with diplomatic relation. Many of the Arabs still living in what was now a foreign state, moved away, and not all out of free will. 

With the Jews back in the country, the mostly barren land came to bloom again. While the Arabs had mostly used the land to graze their goats and sheep, the Israelis irrigated and planted and build and manufactured and traded, with great success. 
Confronted with the success and prosperity the Israelis were able to create, where only sticks and stones had been when the Arabs used the land, the old dark envy and hate in the Arab's hearts was stirred up. The dammed Jews were back, with full force and smarter than ever.  They showed still to have God's blessing. 
The religion of the Arabs had taught them that they were two times as good as anybody ells. But reality showed: that might not be the case. As long as there would be Jews, Arabs inferiority would be proven evident.
Therefore the Jews have to die. Cain wants to kill Abel again. “But those dammed Christians wound’ allow it! We have to kill them too!” 

 Opponents of religion argue superficially that religion caused wars. Wile there appears some truth to that view, there has to be made some distinction. The Christian nations have at least some excuse that religion was mostly a byproduct of their conquests. Christian missionaries wend and go even to non conquered countries to bring their message and their service.  And conversion to Christianity has (mostly) been out of free will. With Islam the balance is quite swinging the other way. Their conquests were to expand the Islamic State. They left no choice: Conversion or death. Their wars are always religious motivated.

War is to contest territory. Control of territory means power. The main motivation of the Western nations for conquest was economical, not religious. The motivation of Islam is Islam, to bring their, inferior religion, to your neighborhood.  It is inferior, because it denies the God given free will. It is inferior also, especially because it ignores the position of Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God and His Message of Love.  Islam's dogma regresses to the time of Abraham, with illusions of grandeur of the 12th century, wile living in the 21st. Their legal system has been stifled to develop, because it is bound by the illusion of a perfect Islamic law dating back to the 7th century. The unequal value as human beings of women before law and in society astounds the Westerner, with polygamy and harems still existing, as does slavery, as exercised in Southern Sudan and other sub Saharan regions. These are the “blessings” of Islam to the World.

What is Islam offering the World? Not even anything that would advance the living standard of its followers. 
Why is it possible to extract from the Koran the violent destruction of believers of other faiths, or peoples, as confessed by the Islamists, the fundamentalists? Is there anything in the Judeo-Christian views like that? What do the Ten Commandments mean to Islam, or where can they be found in the Koran? Because it was received by Moses, a Jew, the arrogance and hate of the Arabs made it impossible for them to submit to those fundamental rules for human happiness. They had to be replaced by Islamic law. Observing their pathetic society, we must conclude that arrogance and hate has not served the Arabs very well. 

With the slowly sinking in of the realization that Islam is a danger for humanity's peace and prosperity in freedom, war becomes ineffable. The actions of so called extremists, proof it daily. And how much are the extremist views removed from the general Muslim's views? Whether in Cairo or Karachi, the “street” is always Muslim, only one direction protests, always standing up for the assumed position of superiority of the Muslim and Islam. 

Islam has a fundamental intolerance for tolerance. Romantic notions about the Arabic society has to make place for the hard reality that theirs is a regressed one, without much hope to turn around, unless by a strong external force, the same force that brought down the Nazis and brought democracy to Japan, not because of hate for people, but because of hate for evil.

When God inspired Mohammed, He must have been aware that He was using a handicapped conduit, an Arab. God has always been handicapped by having to use humans, with their inherent limitations, in one way or an other. We, humanity, have to deal with the residual problems, like the Jews had to deal with 400 years of slavery, because of some failing of Abraham, like the whole world has had to endure 2000 years more of bloodshed, because of the rejection of Christ.

(Aug, 2003. My perception about Mohammed's inspiration has changed: Lucifer might have been deceiving Mohammed to believe he was Gabriel. Lucifer's character of arrogance, envie and hate are congruent to the Ismaelite Arab)

The problem of Islam and Islamism exist because Christianity had failed to spread to the whole of the then inhabited world, within the first 400 years after its founding.
Therefore we are now confronted with a heavier and probably bloodier and more time requiring task. First the Islamists have to be rooted out. Religion and state have to be separated in Muslim states. 

Iraq is not a real Islam problem; it is a “national socialist” problem in a somewhat Muslim disguise, with a maniacal dictator of the same kind as Hitler and Stalin. But even Hitler took better care for his people, although he placed them in great jeopardy. 

Iraq is offering an opening, a weak spot, right in the middle of Muslim states territory. It is a candidate to become a democratic society. Will there be a domino effect on Iran and Syria? Islam is like a long snake that has its grip on the World from Morocco to the Philippines. By engaging in Iraq, we just poking a little in its belly. And we don't know where its poisonous head really is. Is it Iran or Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Sudan or Algeria, Malaysia or Indonesia: it seams a multi headed dragon. The problem will take not less than forty years to solve, if we are lucky. 

(Aug, 2003. It has become clear that Islam, domestic and imported, is an Iraq problem too. ) 

There is no escape from this task; if this monster is not tamed or destroyed, it will destroy us, the free World. The World has become to small and the monster to large to let it reign free.

As with all writing, it is limited to what is written. And thus is mine. There is always something that is omitted. Mohammed has omitted to write that the essence of God is love, love to all people, even to Jews, maybe in particular to Jews. Mohammed failed. Islam would have been a better religion if it would have directed its followers to love all people. Now Islam has become an obstacle to itself, because it asks, invites for enemies. The only enemy it should have had would be the fallen angel. It has however become in its camp and is helping to create Hell. 

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